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at 35 miles an hour. i will show you what that will hit in a while and exactly when. there you see our showers will be moving in to west chevy chase heights. spencerville showers moving through. the rest of the forecast is a few minutes away. >> tonight in the only local news at 7:00, known attacker. police believe a murdered local principal may have known the person who killed him. students at two montgomery county schools are accused of selling nude pictures of other students. and a concerned mother says the video of prince georges county police beat beating a university of maryland student convinced her to speak up. i'm scott broom in prince georges county where there is fallout in the wake of the police beating in college park. this time a new family is making claims of police abuse. >> first thing that came to my mind, these guys aren't picking or choosing who they beat. >> reporter: debra brown is the
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mother of napoleon peterson badly injured by police on new year's eve. the charges against peterson were dropped. >> one isolated incident will not take us back. >> reporter: they say the case is being investigated thoroughly and will be reviewed by an independent civilian review board. >> we see repeated misconduct of the same type. >> reporter: this attorney, who serves on the board of the american civil liberties union says nothing has changed. >> the aclu has seen a steady uptick since 2005 in complaints against prince georges county. i'm surae chinn in bethesda where a middle school is rocked by an alleged sexting scandal. students caught selling, distributing and buying nude toe photos. >> as a parent i'm saddened by the whole thing. >> it is stupid because it is obviously going to get out. >> reporter: parents and students reacting tonight after 7th and 8th grade boys were caught selling nude photos of female students for 3 to $15.
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the school principal says a concerned student came to him about another student who had an ipod touch phone that contained inappropriate photos and videos. school officials say the girls posed for the photos willingly. >> i know kids now are getting cell phones when they get in nodele school and i don't think they have developed the responsibility and the right morals in life to be able to necessarily handle all the technology that is being offered. i'm audrey barnes in northwest washington. the popular principal of shaw middle school was found dead in his silver spring home, and now students and faculty are in mourning. co-workers found the body of 42- year-old brian betts inside of his house on columbia road last night when he didn't show up for work. police say he was murdered and it does not appear to be a random crime. it is the same house where a 9- year-old girl and hear dad were killed during a burglary in 2002. neighbors are on edge. >> the first one was a robbery and that was scary because it
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could have been us. but now, like we are not sure. >> reporter: students are reeling from the loss of their beloved principal, lured from montgomery county in 2008, he was already having an impact. >> he was the best enprincipal i ever had and we just had a lot of fun with him. >> he encouraged us to do well in school. he gave us treats when we did well and he was a great principal. >> reporter: the district's gun laws are one of the major sticking points in the push to give the city a voting voice in congress. today the measure got strong support. eleanor holmes norton is here to talk about what happened. president obama verbally i guess getting on tip band wagon for you. >> and on emancipation day d forgive my laryngitis, the president sent a message and residents that said pass this bill next week when it is expected to go in the floor. it will have the nasty gun law on it but we will pry that
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right off. meanwhile the window is closing for dc voting rights. >> i want to get to the last point. does it make a difference many the president speaks out. he has been for it for a while but you have gotten real support today. >> it was just the support we needed. it makes a difference. in not in the vote. people vote districts. they don't care about the president. but he was a sponsor of the bill when he was a senator. so i said to the white house, why this controversy over nothing. you are going to sign the bill talk to us. >> there you go. why do you think the window is closing on getting dc voting rights. >> the window is closing because at the end of the year the utah coupling that is necessary for us to get 60 votes in the senate will vanish. also the nra has grown, not diminish maryland the year i have been trying get a clean bill. i got close to getting a clean bill. couldn't get it in both houses. now, still, as i speak, derek,
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they are working on a compromise, trying to save some of dc's gun laws. >> give me an idea what the gun law change would be if you have what you want happen. >> i can't tell you what it is or else it will slip from me but i won't be able to save all of the gun laws this time. however, i want you to know that there will be ways to get our gun laws back and we are already working on that. >> if we get the vote in congress then the dc gun law will change. >> the dc gun law will change. we can't leave it on the table because it is in the foreseeable future. you will never be able to pick it up again. >> thank you for being here. congratulations on getting support of the president and we look forward to see what happens on the house floor you say next week. >> probably thursday. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> do you support voting rights for the district and do you think gun laws ought to change because of that? share your thoughts in mcgin 'tis' mail bag.
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that's mail a consumer alert about the toyota you may be driving. in the last hour and a half the company announced it is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans. the problem corrosion in the spare tire carrier. the recall covers 1998 to went models. sienna have been operated in cold climates and folks that includes right here in dc, maryland and virginia. they say rust from road salt is to blame. now get outside to the evening rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the 9 news now traffic center. looks still a little bleak out there. >> that's right. as you heard devon lucie say earlier showers are moving in. use caution and take it slow wherever you go this friday night. 95 in virginia we are seeing late volume here, especially between dale city and triangle. a 20-minute commute and the prince william parkway accident, that has moved to the right shoulder. that's good news for drivers in that stretch. and delays are breaking up nicely on 495, west of town here from the toll road past
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the american legion to 270. people are going at speed. watch for delays between university and 95. and finally, going to take metro tonight, watch for delays on the red line. also this weekend, a lot of delays expected on metro because so many things are happening and the nats and caps game. united in town. combine that with scheduled track maintenance. it will be a long wait for a lot of riders. back to you. we have a commuter alert for metro riders this weekend. starting at 10:00 tonight, trains will be sharing one track on the red, blue, orange and green lines. they have track work going on. foggy bottom is the edge of the work for the blue line and that will extend to arlington cemetery station. the work on the red line between medical center and friendship heights station. on the green line work is between the college park university of maryland and greenbelt stations. it is all expected to wrap up by midnight on sunday. you might want to tune in on monday morning start starting at 4:25 a.m.
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to make sure everything on metro opens on time. still to come, a look at the economic impact of all of the ash from the volcano in iceland. but first a special ceremony remembering one of the local students killed three years ago today at virginia tech.
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three years ago a lone gunman took the lives of 32 people including his own. it was followed by the release of 32 balloons in a candle light vigil today. this afternoon another special service was held this one this spring feel remembering an outstanding local student who lost her life in those shootings. peggy fox was there as she has the story you will only see on 9. >> in honor of all of the victims in the virginia tech tragedy we'd like to do a moment of silence. >> reporter: they remembered all the victims but celebrated one. >> the school meant so much to leslie. she felt so much a part of home here. >> reporter: leslie sherman was a 2005 graduate of west springfield high school that just dedicated its track after the model student and athlete. >> she'd be embarrassed at first because she didn't like attention drawn to her and then have the biggest smile because she is very proud. >> reporter: when leslie was
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here she ran on a track that was deteriorating. the school wanted to wait for the epoxy surface track to be made so they could be proud of it as they were of her. >> she had a good attitude and she was good for her teammates. >> as you walk, jog or run by her name on track, please steele feel inspired to do your best and while you are doing it, i hope that you'll be smiling because i assure you leslie is up there smiling at us. >> reporter: in addition to the track, west springfield has a scholarship named after leslie sherman. it is funded mostly by the sherman family who donated their entire $100,000 payment from the hokey fund, virginia tech gave to the families of the victims. every year a committee chooses a west springfield student who's planning to attend virginia tech and embodies leslie's spirit. >> it is not necessarily the one that is the valedictorian.
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it is not -- it is somebody who is a well-rounded team player with a can do spirit with a love of learning. and that's all we ask. >> reporter: both the scholarship and the track are living legacies that will continue to enrich students ' lives in springfield, peggy fox, 9 news now. still ahead, years of frustration build up for residents in one local neighborhood that was once the site of chemical weapons testing. plus, devon looks at the weekend forecast. weather is six minutes away. stay with us.
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you could say the upscale spring valley neighborhood near the american university is still fighting world war i. for for than a decade now the army corps of engineers has been digging up the area and finding and disarming the remains of a munitions dump. some residents are getting tired of it all. >> it is -- the corps of engineers have a long way to go and they have been doing it for years, and good for them for
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tryer. >> reporter: a bottle containing arsenic and another with mustard gas found seven feet under ground near this house in spring valley. these are chemical warfare agents from world war i buried under the neighborhood. >> at times it is arsenic contaminated soil and we take that up as well. >> reporter: the army corps has been digging since 2007 next to american university's presidents house and the south korean embassy. residents now have health concerns and they are demanding answers. >> i would hope they would be transparent about the history of the situation, what they have found in the past, what they have looked for. >> i asked the army corps if they would provide a list of all the various chemicals they detected just this past year. they have this information, but they didn't provide it. >> reporter: the residents are also asking for what is called a conceptual site model, that is a comprehensive report on the site containing history and the potential warfare agents that might be buried there.
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>> last tuesday i asked them could they provide us with three examples of the best conceptual site models for spring valley. the army corps said that sounds like a reasonable request but did not commit to providing that to us. >> reporter: they say they are working on it an hope to have a report ready by may. and the army corps of engineers gives monthly updates to residents that are concerned. a four star general is leading the charge in battle between the ethanol and oil industry. >> how many wars have been started because someone said i want your corn field? i'm going after your ethanol production. >> reporter: more on general clark's new campaign and tough stack ticks at 8 a.m. on sunday on plat's energy week. maryland and virginia saw a jump in jobs last month. the labor department said maryland led the country with
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25,800 new payroll jobs last month. virginia gained 24,500 new jobs. nationally the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.7% and payroll grew by 1 2,000 and that is the biggest gain in three years. international air transport association estimates the industry is losing at least $200 million a day from all of that volcanic ash coming out of iceland. half of the daily flights in europe and two-thirds of the transatlantic lights were cancelled. in england the airport opened the runways as some sort of pedestrian thoroughfare. the flight cancellations are impacting events and businesses all over the world. organizers of the boston marathon say two dozens runners are stranded in europe including some of the favorites. not good. i guess the weather pattern will move the ash around. >> yeah, it is. i looked at reports that said last time the volcano blew its
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top it erupted for months, in fact years. so that is not good news. if that continued it would be horrible. >> nobody saw this coming. it is not like weather where we can see it moving our way. i just happens. with our weather it is northern maryland getting pummeled with severe thunderstorms. the rest of the weather the next three days, much colder than what we have had today. 85 the official high at national. that's going down to 64. below 60 degrees i think on sunday. the winds are picking up this weekend. even the cool temperatures as we start off next week. the evening hours tonight, we have rain moving through the metro. sprinkles. light rain here and there through washington and south. we will show you where the isolated thunderstorms are in maryland and northern maryland tonight. temperatures dropping in the 70s. that's the evening forecast. overnight all the rain chances go away. it is breezy and mild. 50-degree raidings tomorrow morning. back to the 50s we go. the northwest windages up tomorrow, 20 to 30 miles an hour and gusts higher and lower
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to mid-60s. we are ushering in colder air from an da. second round of thunderstorms right here. the showers expected with that and also associated with those thunderstorms. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd and get a closer look at where the heaviest rain is falling right now. heavier rain north of washington and baltimore. as we head to washington, even parts of northern virginia we see mainly rain shower activity and sprinkles going on. again the current severe weather is out of our region in to pennsylvania right now. at least doppler radar was showing us we are staying away from heavier rain but the showers around here. the forecast track shows it well. once we get it to move out by tomorrow morning everything is clear and gone. in fact a lot of sunshine through saturday, sunday and monday but a healthy northwest breeze really keeps us very chilly. seven-day forecast, right in to it. a cold chilly temperature around through the weekend. also the breeze. don't forget that. it will make it feel even
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colder than what it will be. technically there isn't a wind chill but it will feel colder than today. keep in mind the shower activity, washington south tonight. maybe another thunderstorm north of here but windy and colder through the weekend. the weird news file. anyone know the difference between a smurf and a gnome outside of the color, gnomes it seems are real. don't believe me, check it out. in illinois where 600 residents maybe outnumbered by gnomes, a lot of gnomes. they are literally popping up on folks lawns everywhere. these funny-looking wooden dudes are always smiling and residents are laughing about it, too. residents have come up with sayings like to gnome me is to love me and a sign that says welcome gnome. how many gnomes are there? no one is sure but they are doing a gnome census. how long will it take? all i know is gnome wasn't built in a day [ laughter ] q
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in the mail bag tonight, the tea party rally on the mall yesterday. i asked if they were patriots or merely sore losers and ray from fredericksburg said hey, what's up with the name calling. people associated with the tea party movement span all races, creeds and political ideologists and they are in fact exercising their constitutional maybe we should focus on how
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many thousands showed up for the rally yesterday. huge continuing controversy on the university of maryland student caught on tape getting the beat down from prince georges county cops. four the officers were suspended so far but our good friend john in chantilly says let's keep this in well, john, what could one unarmed man have possibly said to warrant that beating. were many of the students out
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of control surely but our police officers are supposed to be trained to handle them without getting out of hand themselves. sometimes our e-mail gets out of hand but not really. keep them coming. the address is don't forget is always there for you. we will see you a bit later. bye-bye. [ crowd cheering ] male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪
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larry and shawn's hug. a publicity stunt?
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this is "entertainment tonight." >> the long embrace captured by a swarm of cameras. real affection or totally fake? plus -- >> got any comments to say about the allegations. >> new video of shawn's alleged other man. shirtless again, and larry and shawn's "e.t." interview before they said i do. >> i irdemanded that she turn me down on a prenup. >> is there a prenup? hollywood shut down by a volcano. why big stars are at the mercy of the giant eruption. ♪ our niecy nash dancing renaers hall exclusive. will her la bamba be the bomb? >> plus, new photos george and elisabetta's pda in paradise. mo'nique brother's on-air confession to oprah.

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